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Castlevania Symphony Of The Night

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Castlevania Symphony Of The Night Empty Castlevania Symphony Of The Night

Mensagem por Alucard em 13/9/2011, 07:42

Castlevania Symphony Of The Night Cover-front

In an age where 2D side scrollers had been outcast by 3D titles, CSOTN was a gem that stood out. Undoubtedly, one of the best side scrolling platformer titles to ever hit the Sony Playstation. In Castlevania Symphony of the Night, you play as Alucard (Adrian Fahrenheit) rather than our many time Castlevania hero, Richter Belmont. While exploring Dracula's castle, which appears once every hundred years, your goal is to find out how Richter has mysteriously vanished .

The graphics and music in Castlevania Symphony of the Night are unparalleled. You have beautiful 2D characters and some amazing backdrops which make playing the game extremely engrossing and entertaining. Dracula's castle is intricately designed and the levels ofcourse have maps which you can use to get around since there are so many chambers and dungeons that you may get lost without that one precious piece of parchment .

Alucard doesn't carry a whip, contrary to Castlevania tradition. However, you collect various items and weapons throughout the game and use them in your quest. The game shows you an RPG like subscreen where you can check up your stats (which level up with enemy battles..) and equip your items. All said and done, Castlevania Symphony of the Night is undoubtedly the best Castlevania on the Sony Playstation. It's a great game for Castlevania fans to check out as well as non-castlevanians to start their journey .

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